Skylight & Solar Tube Installation & More

Having a skylight or solar tube installed might seem like a time-consuming, laborious and costly task, but many of our skylights are actually assembled in a factory and require little assembly on your roof. Additionally, many skylight products are well insulated, meaning that one could actually save you money on your energy bills down the road. A solar tube takes things one step further. These tubular skylights offer great natural lighting without taking up a great deal of space on your roof or risking leaks, heat gain, or the fading of fabrics and furniture. You can further preserve your roof with our roof blowing services, which will take care of any dense debris or growths that may have accumulated over time. After this, we will look for any clogged gutters and offer our services to properly clean them out, first removing any major blockages by hand and then flushing the rest out with water.

Serving Alachua County

Every roofer at Crosier & Son is able to provide a wide variety of services for our customers. If you just need a few shingles replaced or some patchwork done, we can do it. If you’ve decided it’s time to invest in a whole-roof replacement, we can do that, too. Among these services are:

Depending on the weather to which your building is frequently exposed, the material we recommend for your roof will be different. This is why our workers are trained to incorporate this information into their inspections.

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